Asia Tour Part One: Tokyo, Japan

Mar 23, 2017

We arrived in Tokyo on Saturday evening, exhausted, as you can imagine! We dumped our bags in our apartment and headed to the nearest restaurant for some food before collapsing into bed. It was the fi...

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Promoting diversity in Asia: A return trip!

Feb 22, 2017

Ever since we returned from Thailand last year, we’ve been itching to go back to Asia. We loved our time at Shrewsbury International School and will hopefully be visiting again next year. But it s...

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Why I don’t like inspiration (by an inspirational speaker)

Jan 30, 2017

I don’t like inspiration, I don’t see the point of it. And to me, it seems like an awful waste! The problem is, people talk about it all the time, using phrases like:   “I saw —- and ...

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Disability in Chiang Mai: Sri Sangwan School

Jan 22, 2017

We spent a week acclimatising to life in Chiang Mai, revisiting old friends and meeting new ones, before getting to work finalising some trips we’d planned back in London. This began with a visit ...

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Thailand: Getting to work in Chiang Mai

Jan 03, 2017

My last blog outlined my top tips on how to make connections abroad, which I used before heading to Chiang Mai. The upcoming posts will hopefully demonstrate how I put them into action. I’ve inc...

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Chiang Mai Calling (Part Two – The Tips)

Dec 19, 2016

My last post was all about my final preparation for our “working holiday” to Thailand. More specifically, I focused on the contacts that I made in Chiang Mai ahead of our arrival. If you’re cons...

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Chiang Mai Calling (Part One)

Dec 10, 2016

Knowing that we’d be jetting off to Thailand in a matter of months really concentrated my mind; so I took to the web to do some research. My first port of call was the Chiang Mai Expats Club and it ...

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The Tale Of Thailand

Nov 11, 2016

It started in January when we were on holiday in Thailand. I’d pondered the idea of speaking internationally for a while and combining work and play definitely appealed to me. So many times as an at...

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Glastonbury: 10 top tips! (part two)

Sep 30, 2016

Here’s the second part of my top-10 tips to get the most out of Glastonbury. Part one can be found here. I hope you find them useful! Accept help (if they look able to help!) I like to remain as ind...

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Glastonbury: 10 top tips! (part one)

Sep 12, 2016

It’s nearly Glastonbury 2017 Ticket Day already – can you believe it! I hope you’ve found my blogs on the festival’s accessible side useful and/or enjoyable to read. I thought ...

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